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Taking narcotics from the pharmacy by a pharmacy technician is a violation of:
a) Social Law
b) Civil Law
c) Virual Law
d) Criminal Law

A medication is ordered to be mixed in 1000cc of fluid. If the nurse injects the med directly into a pt's vein in error, she could be guilty of:
a) malpractice
b) assault
c) Physical abuse
d) negligence

Mr. Jones goes to a medical office with chest pain. The Dr orders an antacid but doesn't do an EKG. That nigh, Mr Jones dies from a heart attack. The Dr could be charged with:
a) Slander
b) Defamation
c) Negligence
d) Battery

An EMT is charged with battery. What did the EMT do?
a) Informed the news media of a victim's condition
b) Treated a victim, even though the victim refused treatment
c) Failed to splint a broken leg and the moved the victim
d) Used inappropriate words to descrive a victim's nationality

Bobbie, an MA, helps Mr. Jones to his car in a w/c. On the way to the car, Bobbie accidently runs into Mrs. Jones, breaking her hip. Who is the agent in the lawsuit?
a) Dr Smith
b) Bobbie
c) Mr Jones
d) Mrs Jones

A dental assistant tells her friends that a hygienist she works with has a drinking problem. If this is not true, the assistant could be guilty of:
a) Slander
b) Malpractice
c) Battery
d) Libel

Jan goes to the lab and extends her arm to have blood drawn. What kind of agreement did the phlebotomis have with this patient?
a) Informed consent
b) Formal consent
c) Implied contract
d) Expressed contract

An angry pt writes a letter to the editor about a local psychologist. The allegations in the letter are untrue and damaging to the practice. The writer could be guilty of:
a) Assault
b) Battery
c) Slander
d) Libel

A patient with a legal disability cannot:
a) Form a contract
b) Be charged under criminal law
c) Work in a healthcare setting
d) Be seen in an emergency room

Don is caring for his elderly mother. He could be charged with psychological abuse if he:
a) Uses profanity when he talks to her
b) Threatens to lock her in her room
c) Does not give her enough to eat and drink
d) Hits her

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