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Instructional Objectives should be...?
a) complex
b) relevant and meaningful
c) easy and fun
d) difficult to understand

All of the following are one of the six primary purposes when evalutaing students except?
a) feedback to students
b) information to parents
c) feedback to teachers
d) information to principal

Which form of evaluation is used to determine if additional instruction is needed?
a) formative
b) criterion-referenced
c) norm-referenced
d) summative

Which is the lowest level of Bloom\'s Taxonomy
a) Comprehension
b) Evaluation
c) Knowledge
d) Application

When assigning report card grades it is important to look at which factors?
a) test and quizzes
b) all of the above
c) seatwork
d) homework

When using backward planning you start with?
a) setting unit objectives
b) long range goals
c) planning daily lessons
d) assessing students work

Which form of evaluation is used to compare one students performance to another?
a) formative
b) norm-referenced
c) summative
d) criterion-referenced

When constructing a test you should NOT?
a) measure clearly defined learing objectives
b) Include the types of test items most appropriate for measuring the desired learning outcomes
c) create a test completly irrelavent to the material learned.
d) Examine a representative sample of the learning tasks included in instruction

What type of assessment uses a collection of the student’s work to show growth, self-reflection, and achievement?
a) authentic assessments
b) portfolio assessments
c) performance assessments
d) alternative assessments

In secondary schools it is best to use what kind of grading system?
a) informal
b) letter grades
c) preformance grading
d) mastery grading

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