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Having one copy of each chromosome
a) uniploid
b) haploid
c) tetraploid
d) diploid

Occurs after telophase I
a) Interphase II
b) Metaphase II
c) Cytokinesis
d) Prophase II

Offspring develop in eggs without fertilization
a) Parthanogenesis
b) Cloning
c) Afertilization
d) Budding

Production of a new plant from a portion of another plant
a) Vegetative Propagation
b) Plant Reproduction
c) Active Propogation
d) Vegetative State

Having two copies of each chromosome
a) triploid
b) biploid
c) diploid
d) haploid

Identical offspring can also be called
a) sisters
b) stem cells
c) chromosomes
d) clones

Unequal distribution of cytoplasm and equal division of genetic material
a) Spermatogenesis
b) Mitosis
c) Budding
d) Fusion

Uses only mitosis
a) Meiosis
b) Asexual Reproduction
c) Oogenesis
d) Sexual Reproduction

Occurs in worms and star fish
a) Fragmentation
b) Budding
c) Pieciation
d) Breaking

This is the method by which bacteria reproduce
a) Fusion
b) Budding
c) Gametogenesis
d) Binary Fission

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