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A ________________ is an opening in Earth's crust.
a) volcano
b) eruption
c) ring of fire
d) plate

An _______________ is an outpouring of melted rock, ash, gases, or a combination of these.
a) eruption
b) lava
c) crater
d) volcano

Once magma reaches the Earth's surface it is called _________________.
a) lava
b) crater
c) vent
d) dirt

All volcanoes have at least one __________, or opening.
a) vent
b) mouth
c) ear
d) crater

Which of the following is not a type of volcano?
a) sleep volcano
b) dormant volcano
c) extinct volcano
d) active volcano

_____________ are built by thinner, fluid lava that spreads over a large area.
a) Shield volcanoes
b) cinder-cone volcanoes
c) composite volcanoes
d) fluid volcanoes

An active volcano ____________________.
a) is currently errupting or has recently erupted
b) has not errupted for some time.
c) has stopped eruppting.
d) has never eruppted.

The Volcano in Jackson Misssissippi is _________________.
a) extinct
b) active
c) dormant
d) awake

COmposite volcanoes are build by layers of _____________ and cinders sandwhiched between layers of hardnen lava.
a) ash
b) magma
c) dirt
d) rocks

Dormant volcanoes _____________________.
a) have not eruppted in some times.
b) have errupted everyday.
c) have stopped erupting.
d) have went to sleep.

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