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Intermediate restorative material (IRM) is a _____.
a) zinc oxide eugenol cement
b) ceramic
c) composite resin
d) glass ionomer

Simple repairs of broken denture acrylic are sometimes handled in the dental office lab by using
a) cold cured acylics
c) eugenol
d) glutaraldehyde

When a patient has a fixed prosthesis, such as a 3-unit bridge the area under the pontic is maintained by
a) threading the floss under the ponticwith a bridge threader
b) brushing wit a toothbrush
c) swishing with mouthwasH
d) irrigation with a cannule

______form of cavity preparation is when the dentist determines the primary shapE AND PLACEMETNT OF CAVITY WALLS
a) resistance
b) contact area
c) convience
d) active

___ is placed immmediately after the extraction of the patient's remaining anterior teeth and must be replaced or relined in 3 to 6 months
a) An immediate denture
b) A duplicate denturE
c) A partial denture
d) An overdenture

Temporary cements are used when the dentist _____.
a) will need to remove the indirect restoration at a later time
b) is cementing cast restorations permanently
c) is cementing porcelain veneers
d) restores teeth with silver amalgam restorations

____ is accomplished when placing a new layer of denture resin over the tissue surface of the appliance
a) Relining
b) Rebasing
c) Retrusion
d) Restoring

The ____ is not a component of a removable partial denture
a) post dam
b) retainer
c) connectoer
d) rest

Retention of a maxillary denture depends on the suction seal known as the ___
a) post dam
b) palatal suction
c) flange
d) border molding

One of the fastest and most cost effective ways of restoring the esthetic appearance of teeth
a) bleaching
b) ceramic crowns
c) composites veneers
d) braces

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