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Mark's elderly father has been losing weight, but tellls Mark that his physician says he is fine. Mark is not so sure and wants to read a copy of his father\\\\\\\'s chart. Is that possib
a) No. Medical charts can only be viewed by healthcare professionals.
b) No. Only a lawyer can request a copy of a pattient\\\'s medical record.
c) Yes. Immediate family memebers can see a patient\\\'s chart.
d) Yes, But only if Mark's father signs a release form.

What diagnosis must be reported to the proper authorities?
a) Overdose of aspirin
b) Overdose of heroin
c) Pneumococcal pneumonia
d) Viral pneumonia

What safeguard should be used to protect the confidentiality of computerized medical records?
a) Daily virus scan
b) Weekly emptying of recycle bin
c) Use of passwords
d) Use of a firewall

Daria has a legal disability. What can she legally do?
a) sign a consent form.
b) sign a HIPAA authorization.
c) Answer a doctor's questions.
d) Enter into a contract.

In legal terms, if a psychologist in a private practice is the principal, who is the agent.
a) His/her receptionist
b) A patient
c) A patient\'s spouse
d) The landlord of the medical office building

A client decides to take his dog to a different veterinarian and requests the dog\\\'s chart record. What is the client entitled to?
a) The dog\'s chart
b) The client is not permitted to recive any chart materials.
c) Only selected information in the chart as determined by the veterinarian.
d) A copy of the chart

When it comes to working with written patient records, what can a healthcare worker do?
a) Talk about chart information to friends
b) Change an entry in the record a couple days after it was written
c) Allow another healthcare worker who is caring for the patient to see the record
d) Erase any errors when writing in the record

An 18 year-old female comes to the emergency room. The doctor is absolutely sure she was beaten, but she says she fell. What should the doctor do?
a) Notify the police
b) Believe what the patients says
c) treat her injuries and respect her privacy
d) Notify the girl\'s parents

HIPPA is MOSTLY about:
a) Federal protection of healthcare workers.
b) Privacy of health information
c) Accountability of health care providers
d) Safe medical practices

Mr Bon signs a HIPAA authorization form at a dental practice. An additional authorization form would need to be signed:
a) To give Mr. Bon\'s complete dental treatment information to his son.
b) Before any dental office employee, other than the dentist, can look at the chart.
c) Before the office can file a claim with Mr. Bon\'s medical insurance company
d) For Mr. Bon to have his teeth cleaned.

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