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The irreversible hydrocolloid material most widely used for preliminary impressions are
a) alginate
b) heavy body material
c) polysulfide
d) polyether

Which procedure would require a patient to wear provisional prosthesis for a longer period of time?
a) implants or periodontal therapy
b) porcelain jacket crowns
c) full gold cast crowns
d) porcelain veneers

A gingival retraction cord is placed _____ the crown preparation is complete; it is removed ____the final impression is taken.
a) after;before
b) after;after
c) before;after
d) before;before

The most common material used for custom provisional coverage is___.
a) self -curing acrylic resin
b) alginate
c) light cured composite resin
d) polycarbonate

A post can be used as a retention aid for a crown , provided that the tooth ___.
a) has been treated endodonticcal
b) is vital
c) has not been treated endodontically
d) is not restoreable

The final step after cementing provisional coverage is
a) checking the occlusion
b) polishing the provisional
c) taking a periapical radiograph
d) removing the retraction cord

The most common type of provisional coverage used for crown and bridge preparation is___
a) custom made
b) polycarbonate crown
c) aluminum crown
d) preformed polymer crown

Which of the following procedures take place during the second visit for the placement of a cast restoration
a) try-in
b) shade selection
c) final impressions
d) preliminary impressions

_____ crowns are preformed crowns used for provisional coverage on anterior teeth, when appearance is important
a) polycarbonate
b) aluminum
c) stainless steel
d) composite

The provisional should ____ below the margin of the preparation
a) not extend
b) extend 6-8 mm
c) extend 1-3 mm
d) extend 2-4 mm

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