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A large group or chain of islands.
a) archipelago
b) isthmus
c) strait
d) peninsula

A part of a large body of water that is smaller than a gulf.
a) bay
b) canal
c) river
d) strait

A waterway built to carry water for navigation or irrigation.
a) canal
b) river
c) bay
d) gulf

An ocean ridge made up of skeletal remains of tiny sea animals.
a) coral reef
b) plateau
c) archipelago
d) mountain

A large part of the ocean that extends into land.
a) gulf
b) lake
c) river
d) strait

A narrow piece of land connecting two larger areas of land.
a) isthmus
b) peninsula
c) strait
d) mountain

An area of rugged land that generally rises higher than 2,000 feet.
a) mountain
b) hill
c) plateau
d) valley

An area of land that sticks out into a lake or ocean.
a) peninsula
b) strait
c) isthmus
d) island

A nearly flat area.
a) plain
b) desert
c) oasis
d) forest

A large, flat, elevated area of land.
a) plateau
b) desert
c) mountain
d) canyon

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