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Je 7 hodin.
a) It's seven o'clock.
b) It's eight o'clock.
c) It's six o'clock.
d) It's nine o'clock.

Je 10:15.
a) It's half past ten.
b) It's quarter to eleven.
c) It's quarter past ten.
d) It's quarter past eleven.

Je 6:30.
a) It's half past seven.
b) It's half past six.
c) It's quarter past six.
d) It's quarter to seven,

Je 8:45.
a) It's quarter to eight.
b) It's quarter to nine.
c) It's quarter past eight.
d) It's quarter past nine.

V matematice pocitame.
a) In Maths we count.
b) In Maths we sing.
c) In Maths we read.
d) In Maths we cut paper.

V pondeli
a) On Monday
b) In Monday
c) At Monday
d) From Monday

Je 11:15.
a) It's quarter past eleven.
b) It's quarter to eleven.
c) It's quarter past ten.
d) It's quarter past twelve.

Je 6:45.
a) It's quarter to six.
b) It's quarter to seven.
c) It's half past seven.
d) It's quarter past six.

Ve stredu mame anglictinu.
a) On Monday we have English.
b) On Friday we have English.
c) On Wednesday we have English.
d) On Sunday we have English.

I get up ___ seven o'clock.
a) on
b) in
c) at
d) to

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