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Which of these people did the samurai pledge their loyalty and service to?
a) Daimyo
b) Shogun
c) Daimyo and Shogun
d) none of these

What is the name of a samurai's long sword?
a) Blade
b) Katana
c) Sumana
d) Seppuku

What sense was developed by getting hit with a stick by a sensei (teacher)?
a) fifth sense
b) sixth sense
c) warrior sense
d) non sense

How many total syllables are there in a haiku?
a) 15
b) 16
c) 17
d) 25

What did samurai bring to the shogun to prove they had defeated their opponents?
a) The opponent's katana
b) The opponent's kimono
c) The opponent's head
d) The opponent's bow

Which of the following would not be experienced during a Japanese Tea Ceremony?
a) Watching the host mix the tea
b) Turning the Chawan (tea cup), two times, clockwise, before drinking
c) Gulping noises
d) Slow dancing

What line could be the second line of a haiku?
a) in jumps the frog
b) in splashes the frog
c) gently the frog splashes in
d) gently in did the frog loudly splash

How many times might a buddhist repeat the name "Amida" in one day?
a) 200
b) 20,000
c) 50,000
d) 70,000

What is Bushido?
a) "The Way of the Samurai"
b) "The Way of the Warrior"
c) "The Way of the World"
d) "The Code of the Shogun"

Why would a samurai not committ seppuku?
a) As punishment for a crime
b) To preserve personal honor
c) To avoid capture after battle
d) All of these are reasons to commit seppuku

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