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What is the largest mountain in Japan?
a) Mt. Fujii
b) Mt. Everest
c) Mt. Kilamanjaro
d) Mt. Honshu

How many major islands make up the country of Japan?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 7
d) 3000

What type of entertainment is Bunraku?
a) Car racing
b) Sumo wrestling
c) Puppet Plays
d) Movies

What is ichi plus shi?
a) hachi
b) koo
c) go
d) san

What is the Japanese number that is five times 2?
a) shi
b) ku
c) roku
d) ju

What Japanese word would you use to greet someone?
a) sayonara
b) lie
c) tomodachi
d) konnichiwa

What would you call your father in Japanese?
a) otosan
b) obosan
c) papasan
d) kyodai

On which island is Mt. Fujii?
a) Honshu
b) Hokkaido
c) Tokyo
d) Kyushu

Which of the following is not a body of water that surrounds Japan?
a) East China Sea
b) Pacific Ocean
c) Sea of Japan
d) Indian Ocean

What is the Japanese word for "please"?
a) dozo
b) arigato
c) hie
d) konnichiwa

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