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Salt water is a
a) mixture
b) solution
c) soluble
d) dissolve

Which of the following are soluble?
a) pepper, salt, and baking soda
b) pepper, sand, and baking soda
c) pepper, citric acid, and sand
d) salt, and citric acid

The ability of a substance to dissolve into another substance is
a) mixture
b) property
c) soluble
d) saturated solution

Which of the following are mixtures
a) trail mix, sand and water, and koolaid
b) lemonade, salad, and salt water
c) raisins and peanuts, hot chocolate, and dirt
d) granola, lemonade, and raisins and peanuts

The inability of a substance to dissolve into a solvent
a) insoluble
b) soluble
c) mixture
d) solvent

characteristics of an object which you can observe such as color, size, shape, or texture.
a) properties
b) solution
c) insoluble
d) dissolve

Substance in which a solute is dissolved is
a) solvent
b) solute
c) mixture
d) solution

Two or more subtances mixed together but not chemicslly combined is a
a) solution
b) mixture
c) universal solvent
d) properties

Water is a
a) universal solvent
b) mixture
c) solution
d) soluble

A well-mixed mixture in which particles are small and dissolved is a
a) solvent
b) mixture
c) properties
d) solution

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