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What trait does Luke realize that he has that will make him more able than Jen to help the shadow children?
a) he's trustworthy
b) he's kind
c) he's quiet
d) he's patient

The climax of the story was:
a) Luke goest to the rally
b) Jen dies at the rally
c) Third children win the rally
d) Luke holds up a sign at the rally

A rising action for the story would be
a) Luke breaks into a house and meets another shadow child
b) Luke watches the forest being cut down and houses go up
c) Luke talks to Jen about the rally
d) All of the Above

The conclusion of the story:
a) Jen's father shoots Luke for breaking into his house.
b) Luke shoots Jen's father after the Population Police scare
c) Luke goes home to his family after meeting Jen's father.
d) Jen's father gets him an I.D. card.

Jen waves him off saying the Government is incompetent and stupid.
a) person vs. person
b) person vs. self
c) person vs. nature
d) person vs. society

Luke wants to go to the rally with Jen to help all third children become free, yet he is too nervous.
a) person vs. person
b) person vs. self
c) person vs. nature
d) person vs. society

I'm Jen. Really, it's Jennifer Rose Talbot. But do I llok like a Jennifer? Is an example of:
a) climax
b) rising action
c) falling action
d) exposition

The main conflict is...
a) Luke is a third child and the Population Police banned third children.
b) Luke dislikes his family and wants to live as a second child to a Baron.
c) Luke finds Jen and cannot decide if he wants to go to the rally.
d) Luke runs away and his family is worried about him.

Why did the Government make it illegal to have pets?
a) an epidemic of lice
b) becasue of the diseases they may carry
c) they believe animals are only for eating
d) the food shortage

After the kids at the rally were murdered, where did their blood run into?
a) The President's lawn.
b) The President's driveway
c) The President's garden
d) The President's rosebushes.

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