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We carefully cut the vegetables for the soup.
a) carefully
b) soup
c) cut
d) vegetables

After the movies we went to lunch.
a) movies
b) went
c) after
d) lunch

I went upstairs because I was tired.
a) upstairs
b) because
c) went
d) tired

My grandpa snored loudly at night.
a) grandpa
b) night
c) loudly
d) snored

Chloe played on the beach yesterday.
a) played
b) beach
c) Chloe
d) yesterday

Neil slowly placed a card in the mailbox.
a) slowly
b) card
c) house
d) mailbox

My mother nicely reminded me to do my homework.
a) mother
b) homework
c) nicely
d) reminded

Peter neatly wrote a shopping list.
a) wrote
b) neatly
c) list
d) shopping

I usually hug my mother when I get home.
a) usually
b) mother
c) home
d) when

Jen waited patiently for the computer to load.
a) computer
b) patiently
c) load
d) waited

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