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How is camouflage an adaptation?
a) Allows animals to blend in with their surroundings for protection.
b) Makes an organism "stand out" so that it is easily seen.
c) Helps an animal digest food.
d) Helps an animal to see at night.

Which of the following is NOT a reason that a fossil record may be incomplete?
a) Part of the fossils are not considered important
b) Most organisms do not become fossils
c) The rock record in incomplete
d) We can never to sure what happened many years ago

Homologous structures indicate that two or more species might have what?
a) Similar ancestors
b) Similar coloring
c) Different ancestors
d) Different coloring

What are body parts that are similar in origin and structure?
a) Homologous structures
b) Vestigal structures
c) Species
d) Variation

What are body parts that are reduced in size with no apparent function called?
a) Vestigal structures
b) Homologous structures
c) Species
d) Variation

What is used to tell the age of a fossil based on the amount of radioactive element left in the fossil?
a) Radiometric dating
b) Relative dating
c) Educated guessing
d) Gradualism

What is the study of the development of embryos of organisms?
a) Embryology
b) Heredity
c) Paleontology
d) Genetics

What is used to estimate a fossil's age from a sedimentary rock?
a) Relative dating
b) Radiometric dating
c) Educated guessing
d) Gradualism

What is it called when an organism blends into its environment?
a) Camouflage
b) Homologous structures
c) Variation
d) Vestigial structures

Which of the following is NOT a fossil?
a) Old stone tools found in a cave.
b) Petrified wood in the dessert.
c) Outline of a fern found in a rock
d) Baby mammoth found in a glacier.

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