Chapter 6: Section One Question Preview (ID: 1459)

Chapter 6: Section One Covers Basic Ideas About Evolution. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is a group of organisms that share similar characteristics and can reproduce?
a) Species
b) Genus
c) Population
d) Group

What is change in inherited characteristics over time?
a) Evolution
b) Acquired Traits
c) Survival of the Fittest
d) Genetics

What does the Theory of Acquired Characteristics state?
a) Traits developed during a parent's lifetime are inherited by offspring.
b) Only the strong survive.
c) Organisms with traits best suited to the environment reproduce.
d) If neither gene is dominate an intermediate phenotype will result.

Who proposed the Theory of Acquired Characteristics?
a) Darwin
b) Lamarck
c) Mendel
d) Newton

Where did Darwin make many of his observations?
a) Galapagos Islands
b) Australia
c) Antarctica
d) Hawaii

What is the idea that organisms with traits best suited to their environment are more likely to survive and reproduce?
a) Natural Selection
b) Evolution
c) Hypothesis
d) Genetics

What is an inherited trait that make an individual different from other members of its species?
a) Variation
b) Change
c) Phenotype
d) Gene

What is a helpful variation called?
a) Adaptation
b) Phenotype
c) Gene
d) Albino

What model of evolution hypothesizes that evolution occurred slowly, over millions of years?
a) Gradualism
b) Punctuated Equilibrium
c) Theory of Acquired Characteristics
d) Heredity

What model of evolution hypothesizes that evolution may have occurred quickly?
a) Punctuated Equilibrium
b) Gradualism
c) Theory of Acquired Characteristics
d) Heredity

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