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example of passive transport
a) diffusion
b) sodium-potassium pump
c) exocytosis
d) endocytosis

example of active transport
a) osmosis
b) sodium-potassium pump
c) diffusion
d) filtration

funciton of cell membrane
a) movement of molecules into and out of cell
b) transport genetic material
c) produce genetic material
d) produce ribosomes

If water concentration inside a cell is higher than the water concentration outside the cell, water flows out of the cell. This is
a) osmosis
b) diffusion
c) sodium-potassium pump
d) exocytosis

how are small molecules like oxygen and carbon dioxide move through the cell
a) passive transport by diffusion
b) passive transport by osmosis
c) active transport by diffusion
d) active transport by osmosis

the fluid mosaic model describes the structure and function of
a) cell membranes
b) chloropasts
c) feedback loops
d) nuclei

The lipid bilayer allows for the membrane to
a) movement of molecules into and out of cell
b) keep out viruses and bacteria
c) absorb water from the cytoplasm
d) fuse with ribosomes

allows for larger water-soluble molecules like carbohydrates to move in and out of cell
a) carrier proteins
b) goli appartus
c) hydrophilic phospholipids
d) endoplasmic reticulum

Carrier proteins are used in facilitated diffusion
a) active transport
b) passive transport
c) exocytosis
d) sodium-potassium pump

Diffusion is a transport of small molecules like gases. This movement is always from
a) high to low concentration
b) low to high concentration
c) not dependent on concentration
d) moves only when concentrations are equal

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