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How are elements in the modern periodic table arranged
a) atomic number
b) atomic mass
c) alphabetical order
d) when it was discovered

which elements are least likely to react with other elements
a) halogens
b) metalloids
c) noble gases
d) alkaline

water is an example of a
a) atom
b) mixture
c) element
d) compound

filtration can be used to separate a mixture of
a) solid and liquid
b) two different solids
c) two different liquids
d) liquid and a gas

an example of a physical is
a) burning wood
b) getting a hair cut
c) a rotting apple
d) a rusting chain

which elements are in the same family
a) Gold (Au) and Iron (Fe)
b) Sodium (NA) and Boron (B)
c) Sulfur (S) and Chlorine (Cl)
d) Carbon (c) and Silicon (Si)

What does the stair step line separate on the periodic table
a) Metal from non-metals
b) protons from electrons
c) gases from liquids
d) liquids from solids

What does the atomic number stand for
a) neutons
b) protons
c) symbol
d) how much it weighs

elements in the same column have
a) similar properties
b) same number of protons
c) atoms that are the same size
d) things that melt

where are metalloids found on the periodic table
a) top row
b) along the stair-step line
c) bottom row
d) middle rows

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