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Playing with children, running for student council, and helping others are examples of what interest category?
a) data
b) ideas
c) people
d) things

Enjoying keeping track of grades, solving problems, and researching are examples of what learning style?
a) intrapersonal
b) logical/mathematical
c) musical/rhythmic
d) naturalistic

Flying airplanes, computer programming, and remembering phone numbers are examples of which type of skills?
a) mental
b) physical
c) social
d) spatial

Choosing classes to take, choosing what to wear, and choosing friends are all transferable skills in what category?
a) adaptability
b) decision-making
c) listening
d) techn

Hiking, hobbies, and hunting are all examples of:
a) data
b) interests
c) things
d) values

Cheerleading, debating, and studying are all examples of:
a) activities
b) hobbies
c) information
d) subjects

Which is an example of attitude?
a) being happy
b) being trustworthy
c) enjoying fishing
d) keeping friends

Friendship, trust and honesty are classified as types of:
a) attitudes
b) ideas
c) interests
d) values

Painting pictures and reading maps are all examples of which learning style?
a) bodily/kinesthetic
b) interpersonal
c) visual/spatial
d) intrapersonal

Which is an example of an action by Tai?
a) being happy
b) feeling angry
c) feeling sad
d) kicking in anger

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