Life Science Chapter 6 Question Preview (ID: 1456)

Covers Basic Ideas And Principles Of Evolution. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Structures that have no known function in the body are...
a) vestigial structures
b) embryological structures
c) heterologous structures
d) homologous structures

Scientists who study fossils are...
a) Biologists
b) Archeologists
c) Paleontologists
d) Geneticists

Which of the following is NOT a type of sedimentary rock?
a) Sandstone
b) Granite
c) Limestone
d) Shale

What is the method of dating that used the layers of rock to estimate the age of a fossil?
a) Radiometric dating
b) Random dating
c) Rock dating
d) Relative dating

Scientists use fossils to determine all of the following except...
a) If the organisms lived alone or in groups
b) What an organism looked like.
c) The kind of food ann organism ate.
d) The environment an organism lived in.

Which of the following is NOT a kind of fossil?
a) Diamond fossil
b) Cast fossil
c) Amber fossil
d) Imprint fossil

One of the most commonly found fossils is
a) Shark tooth
b) Dinosaur leg
c) Beetle
d) Trilobite

Who first proposed the theory of evolution?
a) Darwin
b) Mendel
c) Newton
d) Hooke

One of the richest fossils deposits in the world is found in
a) The Maumee River basin
b) Lake Erie
c) The Green River Valley
d) The Grand Canyon

Approximately how old is the Earth?
a) 1.2 billion years old
b) 4.5 billion years old
c) 8 million years old
d) 2.0 million years old

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