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where is the complimentary close
a) above the keyed signature
b) below the keyed signatute
c) at the top
d) at the bottom

what is the letterhead
a) address of the reciev
b) address
c) complimentary
d) close

What is the letter?
a) sent from one business
b) document
c) sent
d) Personal

What is the letter address?
a) who receives
b) who sends
c) who takes
d) who gives

Wha t is the letter?
a) block
b) personal
c) business
d) personal

What is the letter style that is sent from one business to another?
a) modified block
b) block style
c) personal letter
d) business letter

What is the letter that keys all items on the left side?
a) modified block
b) block style
c) personal letter
d) business letter

What feature of word processing software would be used to find words with similar meanings?
a) Dictionary
b) Thesaurus
c) Spell Checker
d) Grammer Checker

What is the alignment of text along the left margin, leaving an uneven right margin called?
a) flush left
b) right align
c) full justify
d) flush right

Printing a page wider than tall would be called what?
a) Landscape
b) Wide
c) Posture
d) Portrait

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