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Pseudoscience is a set of information
a) uses the scientific method
b) always completely in error
c) science done by famous scientists
d) seems like science but is not

Which of these words does NOT apply to the word non-fiction?
a) true
b) facts
c) real information
d) a made up story

Biographies are
a) lists of books read
b) true stories about real people
c) the science of life
d) never in the library

When you want to keep a book longer than the due date you ask for a
a) renewal
b) request
c) review
d) realistic

3 famous hoaxes are
a) the Cardiff Giant, the moon landing, crop circles
b) Snowball the monster cat, the Cardiff Giant, Piltdown Man
c) the moon landing, crop circles, Piltdown man
d) the moon landing, Bigfoot, George Washington was President

A fable is
a) a very, very short story that teaches a lesson about life and has a moral
b) a long book
c) the same as a biography
d) a made up story

Numbers on the edge (spine) of a book give you clues about
a) the subject of the book
b) the author
c) the kinds of pictures in the book
d) the number of pages in the book

A book that you use in the library and can't borrow is a
a) a story
b) a non-fiction book
c) reference book
d) fiction book

Which of these is NOT in ABC order?
a) dictionary
b) index
c) encyclopedia
d) table of contents

Librarians love to
a) help kids
b) read
c) answer questions
d) all of the other three answers

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