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Which of these human activities would reduce the amount of useable energy Earth receives from the Sun?
a) setting up too many solar collectors in a small area
b) adding smoke to the atmosphere that blocks sunlight
c) using a small amount of solar cells over a very long time
d) planting too many farm crops that rely on sunlight to grow

8. Which of these types of renewable energy is the LEAST directly dependent on the sun?
a) geothermal
b) hydroelectric
c) solar
d) wind

Which of the following energy sources is MOST likely to have a negative effect on air quality?
a) geothermal
b) sunlight
c) wind
d) coal

Which energy transformation systems would be MOST affected by changes in weather?
a) geothermal power generation
b) natural gas power generation
c) nuclear power generation
d) wind turbine power generation

Which of these describes a human activity that uses up a nonrenewable resource?
a) Building new roads that cause topsoil to erode
b) Chopping down trees from the forest for heating homes
c) Car engines consuming large amounts of fossil fuels
d) Pollutants on roads washing into streams during rainstorms

Why is coal a non-renewable resource?
a) it forms as quickly as it is used
b) people need it to power factories
c) there is a limited amount on Earth
d) it can only be used for a limited of time

Biomass is one type of renewable energy source. An example of using biomass for energy would be
a) burning wood for cooking or heating a home.
b) wood chips or plant oils burned to produce steam to generate electricity
c) using corn to make ethanol
d) all of the above

Two sources of inexhaustible energy are
a) natural gas and wind
b) coal and hydroelectric
c) wind and solar
d) oil and solar

Which of the following electrical energy production systems would be the MOST efficient to use?
a) hydroelectric power
b) nuclear power
c) wind power
d) coal power

Which of the following energy types is considered very efficient but also very dangerous?
a) fossil fuel energy
b) geothermal energy
c) nuclear energy
d) wind energy

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