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All of the following are examples of being fiscally responsible EXCEPT?
a) Spending more than one's income
b) Making careful spending decisions
c) Saving and investing for the future
d) Having insurance

All of the following are examples of being fiscally responsible EXCEPT?
a) Obtaining the newest and latest technology
b) Using credit wisely
c) Following a budget
d) Understanding how contracts, warranties, and guarantees protect the individual

Which scenario describes someone using credit wisely?
a) Emily pays for her credit card purchases at the end of each month.
b) Taylor buys clothing using a credit card when she has no money.
c) When Juan reaches his credit limit, he applies for a new credit card.
d) For any purchases she makes, LaToya only uses cash.

Which statement best describes being fiscally irresponsible?
a) Spending money without a budget
b) Investing money for the future
c) Using credit wisely
d) Having health insurance

Protecting an individual's life, car, and home or apartment can be done with?
a) Insurance
b) Banking accounts
c) A budget
d) A warranty

What is self-assessment?
a) Evaluating your talents, skills, interests, and aspirations when picking a career.
b) Making sure you're healthy.
c) Going to the doctor.
d) Making sure you can play sports.

What is work ethic?
a) attitudes that enhance career success such as punctuality, honesty and reliability, and putting fort
b) how much effort you put into making a product at work
c) showing up to work with a bad attitude
d) competing with others for a job

What is income?
a) Money earned as a result of your career
b) Taxes taken by the government
c) Money earned illegally
d) Stolen cash

Having health insurance is an example of?
a) Being fiscally responsible
b) Being healthy
c) Wasting money
d) Being a worrier

Which of these careers requires a college degree?
a) An engineer
b) A cashier
c) A janitor
d) A garbage man

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