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CE 14 Test Review - Part 3.[print questions]

When you buy a new car, you look for extra warrantees and protections offered by the dealership. This is called being..?
a) Fiscally responsible
b) A very difficult customer
c) Not caring for her rights as a consumer
d) Not fiscally responsible

When selecting a career, you should take into consideration all of the following EXCEPT?
a) What your friends are doing
b) Your own talents
c) What you are good at
d) Things you are interested in

Which characteristic would NOT be desirable to a potential employer?
a) Carefree
b) Multitalented
c) Independent
d) Courteous

All of the following are examples of good work ethics EXCEPT?
a) Greediness
b) Enthusiasm
c) Creativity
d) Versatility

All of the following components generally influence income EXCEPT?
a) Government regulations
b) Education level
c) Skill level
d) Supply and Demand

Jim has a high school diploma. What kind of job can Jim expect to get?
a) Cashier
b) Dentist
c) Accountant
d) Judge

New jobs in the workplace are often created by...?
a) Technological advancements
b) Governmental advancements
c) Advances in the college system
d) Advances in the FED

Krysta has a high school diploma and her best friend, Monique, has a college degree. Most likely, Krysta...?
a) Earns less money
b) Has more fun
c) Works fewer hours
d) Earns more money

What is the best example of long-term financial planning?
a) Investments
b) Car repairs
c) Emergencies
d) Social Events and Parties

What is the correlation between skills and education?
a) Higher incomes
b) Lower incomes
c) Same incomes regardless of skill and eduction level
d) Lower education and skills has a higher income

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