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Career planning starts with...?
a) self-assessment
b) work ethic
c) job training
d) self-control

Developing an awareness of personal talents, interests, and aspirations is needed to select a...?
a) career
b) car
c) place to live
d) pet

What can supply and demand can influence?
a) Job income
b) Your negative attitude
c) Your work ethic
d) Job performance

A company who looks for a hardworking and accountable employee wants to hire...?
a) An employee who displays a strong work ethic
b) An employee who will work for less pay
c) An employee who will show up whenever
d) An employee who has a bad attitude

What can higher levels of education and skills lead to?
a) Higher incomes
b) Lower innovation
c) Higher unemployment
d) Lower incomes

Companies seek individuals who have kept pace with...?
a) Technological changes and skills
b) The newest trends in clothing and shoes
c) Kim Kardashians newest husband
d) The Stock Market

If there is a shortage of math teachers and the supply for them is low, then...?
a) The income for math teachers will probably be higher
b) The income for math teachers will probably be lower
c) No one wants to be a math teacher
d) Math teachers are excused from income taxes

What influence do advances in technology have on the workplace?
a) The creation of new jobs
b) Destroying of strong work ethics
c) The decline in worker productivity
d) Job loses

Advances in technology and information flows have influenced the workplace in all of the following ways except?
a) Making global communications slower
b) Allowing people to work across international borders
c) Giving U.S. workers the opportunity to work for companies outside the U.S.
d) Create competition from foreign workers for U.S. jobs

All of the following are examples of being fiscally responsible except?
a) Buying things using a credit card and not paying it back
b) Keeping to a budget
c) Saving for the future
d) Having insurance

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