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What does an anemometer measure?
a) Temperature
b) Wind Speed
c) Air Pressure
d) Mr. Holub's Coolness

Which of the following will most likely produce the greatest amount of rainfall?
a) A cold front moves in on a warm air mass dropping temperatures 20 degrees.
b) A cold front moves in on a warm air mass dropping temperatures 5 degrees.
c) A warm front moves in on a cold air mass raising temperatures 5 degrees.
d) A warm front moves in on a cold air mass raising temperatures 20 degrees.

One essential safety tip during a tornado is to:
a) find the highest level in your house.
b) find the lowest level in your house.
c) get in your car immediately and outrun the tornado.
d) look for flying cows as a sign that weather is deteriorating.

What is the required percentage of relative humidity to have active precipitation?
a) 20%
b) 100%
c) 80%
d) 50%

When looking at barometric pressure, the lower the number, the:
a) better the weather
b) weather is unpredictable
c) weather is always the same
d) worse the weather

How does air pressure change as you go further into the atmosphere (higher altitudes)?
a) Air pressure increases, then decreases.
b) Air pressure decreases, then increases.
c) Air pressure stays the same throughout
d) Air pressure continually decreases until it is almost non-existent.

Which cloud is most likely to result in thunderstorms?
a) Cirrus
b) Stratus
c) Humerus
d) Cumulus

Which of the following is not a layer of the atmosphere?
a) Troposphere
b) Stratosphere
c) Megasphere
d) Thermosphere

If I wish to take 400 km and represent as 4 feet on a wall, how would I accomplish this?
a) Multiply 400 by 100
b) Divide 400 by 100
c) Add 400 by 100
d) Subtract 400 by 100

An occluded front will most likely:
a) bring in sunny, pleasant weather.
b) result in cooler temperatures and large amounts of rain.
c) result in warmer temperatures and large amounts of rain.
d) result in cooler temperatures and small amounts of rain

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