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Which metal is mined more in Mexico than anywhere else?
a) iron
b) copper
c) silver
d) lead

Which country has about three-fourths of the trade with Mexico?
a) Brazil
b) United States
c) Venezuela
d) Guyana

What is a major reason that few Venezuelans are farmers?
a) There is too much rain.
b) Venezuela is able to buy the food it needs from other countries.
c) Venezuela trades with Guyana, Brazil, and Colombia for food.
d) There is little arable land.

The warm climate of Mexico and Venezuela is MOST helpful to which of its industries?
a) oil
b) health care
c) tourism
d) fishing

What is one problem with depending on oil exports for most of a country’s income?
a) Most countries produce the oil they need.
b) When the price of oil goes down, the country begins to run low on money.
c) When the price of oil goes up, the country cannot afford to sell oil.
d) Most countries do not need to purchase oil.

Which natural resource is an important export for Brazil?
a) cars
b) sugar cane
c) iron ore
d) shoes

Why does Brazil have a fast-growing tourism industry?
a) Most Brazilians live in urban areas and need jobs.
b) Brazil has many natural wonders that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
c) Brazil has many cities scattered across the country that tourists enjoy visiting.
d) Most Brazilians live within 200 miles of the coast.

What has been the major export for Cuba for the past two hundred years?
a) fish
b) coffee
c) sugar
d) fruits

Which product does Venezuela provide at a reduced cost to Cuba?
a) oil
b) sugar cane
c) wheat
d) fish

Who is Brazil’s largest trading partner?
a) Cuba
b) United States
c) Venezuela
d) Guyana

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