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Why do the noble gases NOT form compounds readily?
a) They have empty outer energy levels
b) They have no electrons
c) They have seven electrons in the outer energy levels
d) Their outer energy levels are completely filled with electrons

How many electrons are needed in the outer energy levels of most atoms for the atom to be chemically stable?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8

What kind of chemical bond is formed when an equal exchange of electrons occurs?
a) Covalent
b) Hydrate
c) Ionic
d) Magnetic

What is the charge of an aluminum ion that has 13 protons and 10 electrons?
a) 1+
b) 2+
c) 3+
d) 3-

What are the charged particles that form when atoms gain or lose electrons?
a) bonds
b) ions
c) atoms
d) valence electrons

In a chemical formula, the number of each type of atom in the compound is shown by numbers called __________.
a) superscripts
b) chmical symbols
c) oxidation numbers
d) subscripts

The elements that make up a compound and the exact number of atoms of each element in a unit of the compound can be shown in a
a) chemical formula
b) chemical symbol
c) subscript
d) superscript

What do atoms gain, lose, or share when they bond?
a) protons
b) neutrons
c) electrons
d) atoms

Most atoms form bonds using which of the following?
a) protons
b) electrons
c) valence electrons
d) neutrons

What is the joining of atoms to form new substances?
a) Chemical bonding
b) Bonding
c) Joining chemicals
d) Bonding Atoms

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