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Which of the following is an electrolyte?
a) sodium chloride
b) glass
c) pure water
d) sugar

A substance whose water solution is a good conductor of electricity is a(n)
a) nonpolar substance
b) solute
c) nonelectrolyte
d) electrolyte

All of the following are homogeneous mixtures except
a) a sugar-water solution
b) soil
c) a salt-water solution
d) gasoline

Sugar dissolved in water is an example of which solute-solvent combination?
a) gas-liquid
b) liquid-solid
c) solid-liquid
d) liquid-liquid

The Tyndall effect is used to distinguish between
a) liquids and gases.
b) solutions and colloids
c) solvents and solutes
d) electrolytes and nonelectrolytes

Stirring increases the rate of dissolution because it
a) raises the temperature
b) decreases the surface area of the solute
c) brings fresh solvent into contact with the solute
d) lowers the temperature

Which mixture contains particles that are in a dispersed phase and do not settle out?
a) a colloid
b) a suspension
c) a solution
d) a homogeneous mixture

Increasing the surface area of the solute
a) increases the rate of dissolution
b) can increase, decrease, or have no effect on the rate of dissolution
c) has no effect on the rate of dissolution
d) decreases the rate of dissolution

A heterogeneous mixture always contains
a) only one substance
b) two or more substances that are not visibly distinguishable
c) two or more substances that are visibly distinguishable
d) more than two substances

Which is not an example of a colloid?
a) paint
b) sugar water
c) butter
d) smoke

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