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Solar energy is:
a) energy from the sun
b) energy using water
c) organic matter
d) heat from within the earth

Wind energy is:
a) using energy water
b) energy using wind
c) heat within the earth
d) energy from the sun

Biofuels are:
a) energy from fossil fuels;
b) organic matter/waste;
c) energy from the sun;
d) energy from wind

Geothermal energy is
a) coal,oil and natural gas
b) heat from within the earth
c) using water
d) energy from the sun

Alternative ---------------resources can be used to produce electricity. What fits in the blank?
a) biofuels
b) energy
c) wind
d) solar

-----------------------are non-renewable energy sources that must be conserved. What fits in the blank?; ; ;
a) Fossil fuels
b) water
c) biofuels
d) renewable

The energy from the sun is most likely used for –
a) making fossil fuels
b) making robot pigs
c) producing electricity
d) running cars

All of the following are classified as alternative energy sources EXCEPT-
a) wind
b) solar
c) hydroelectric
d) oil

Biofuels can be made from which of the following –
a) coal
b) crops
c) soil
d) old batteries

Almost all energy on earth originates from –
a) dead animals
b) soil
c) alternative resources
d) the sun

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