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Why was feudalism created and what was its purpose
a) To stop countries from fighting with one another
b) a political, social and economic system to protect the people
c) to help farmers rotate their crops and get more production
d) a system of governemnt to control the serfs

What were the Crusades?
a) military expeditons
b) students who went to catholic schools
c) a group of farmes
d) pilgrimage to the holy land

What were two outcomes of the Crusades?
a) both sides won and stopped fighting
b) East and west became connected and increaded trade
c) the holy land was lost forever
d) nobody won and it continues today

What was the reason for the crusades
a) to keep the serfs in their place
b) to take back the Holy land from the turks
c) to bring people into the monasteries
d) to spread the wealth of the monarchs

What were guilds and what were the benefits?
a) groups united together under a common interest and help guarantee fair prices
b) a tool used to make pottery and made the process quicker
c) a sword used by serfs that helped defeat the kings
d) a type of dress worn by nuns

List the four main land regions of Europe
a) Northwest mountains, North European Plain, Central Uplands, Alpine Mountain system
b) Southeast Mountains, North European Plateau, Central Lowlands, Alpine Mountain system
c) Plain, plateau, moutains, valleys
d) Rocky Mountains, Swiss Alps, Mount Kilamanjro, Smoky Moutains

What is the longest river in Europe?
a) Danube
b) Volga
c) Rhine
d) Mississippi

Which river is known as the backbone for the busiest inland system of waterways in western Europe?
a) Ohio
b) Danube
c) Rhine
d) Volga

What is the main water route in south central Europe?
a) Danube
b) Volga
c) Rhine
d) Ohio

The Middle Ages lasted from when to when
a) 200 to 1200
b) 100 to 1000
c) 500 to 1500
d) 800 to 1100

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