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A(n) ____ query adds a group of records from one table to the end of another table.
a) append
b) action
c) delete
d) duplicate

A _____ field is one in which a user must enter data.
a) required
b) duplicate
c) action
d) default

_________ _____________ make sure that a user's entry falls within a range of values.
a) Validation rules
b) Required rules
c) Action rules
d) Default rules

Access will NOT accept ____ data.
a) invalid
b) valid
c) default
d) all of these

If a required field contains no data, Access will enter _____.
a) an error message
b) a default value
c) an invalid data
d) none of these

A foreign key is a field in one table whose values match the ____ key of another table.
a) primary
b) secondary
c) default
d) action

To affect the way data appears in a field, you can use a ____.
a) format
b) action
c) recovery
d) none of these

____ is a message that will appear if a user violates a validation rule.
a) Validation text
b) Recovery text
c) Default text
d) Secondary text

The property that ensures that the value in a foreign key must match that of another table's primary key is called ____.
a) referential integrity
b) validation text
c) recovery
d) compacting

Changing a column width changes the ____, or design, of a table.
a) layout
b) recovery
c) live database
d) back up

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