HANNAH 312 Question Preview (ID: 1452)

3rd Nine Weeks, 1st Test, 2nd Set. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

more followers than any other religion
a) Judaism
b) Christianity
c) Islam
d) Shinto

oldest religion of those listed below
a) Christianity
b) Mormon
c) Islam
d) Judaism

The Torah states that God made this agreement with Abraham
a) covenant
b) Torah agreement
c) hajj
d) diaspora

The Quran presents these five obligations that all Muslims must fulfill
a) Quran actions
b) disciplines
c) pillars of faith
d) pilgrimmages

a journey to Makkah to pray
a) pillar
b) hajj
c) Makkah pilgrimmage
d) Quran journey

King David created a kingdom in what is now this country
a) Egypt
b) Israel
c) Lebanon
d) Sumer

last and greatest prophet of Islam
a) Muhummad
b) Quran
c) Torah
d) King Solomon

Muslim holy book
a) Mecca
b) Torah
c) Quran
d) Yom Kippur

holy book of Judaism
a) Mecca
b) Torah
c) Quran
d) Yom Kippur

holiest day in Judaism
a) Rosh Hashannah
b) Yom Kippur
c) Hannukah
d) January 1st

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