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Lead is a very dense metal. Which is the best use for this metal?
a) sinkers used when fishing
b) floatation device
c) golf clubs
d) cell phones

Which physical property of metals makes an iron frying pan good to use on a cooking stove?
a) malleability
b) conductivity
c) magnetism
d) luster

The element selenium is a solid nonmetal. What physical property can you expect it to have?
a) magnetism
b) poor conductor
c) shiny luster
d) no definite shape

Which of the following is evidence of a chemical change?
a) boiling point
b) ability to burn
c) density
d) malleability

Hydrochloric acid is added to a beaker containing a piece of zinc. As a result, zinc chloride
a) temperature change
b) color change
c) production of precipitate
d) production of a gas

Sam had two golf balls. One was a normal solid golf ball while the other was a plastic
a) the density is the same
b) the normal golf ball is more dense
c) the plastic golf ball with holes is more dense
d) none of the above

Sulfur (S) is a yellow solid that is not shiny and crumbles easily.
a) both are solids
b) both are yellow
c) some metals are ductile
d) both are on the periodic table

A teacher puts two tablets in a glass of water. The teacher stirs the water with a spoon until
a) the glass
b) the spoon
c) the tablets
d) the bubbles

Students are given a sample of an unknown material. They want to perform tests to determine its identity. Which test is MOST likely to change the sample into a new material?
a) dissolving it in water
b) heating it until it melts
c) grinding it into powder
d) burning it in a flame

A student finds that the mass of 25 mL of an unknown liquid is 100 grams. What is the density?
a) 0.25 g/mL
b) 4 g/mL
c) 125 g/mL
d) 2,500 g/mL

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