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Speed measurements are given in units of
a) distance/time (m/s)
b) time2/distance (m2/s)
c) distance/time2 (m/s2)
d) time/distance (s/m)

Measurements of acceleration are given in units
a) distance/time (m/s)
b) time2/distance (s2/m)
c) Speed/time2 (m/s2)
d) time/distance (s/m)

An airplane that moves 50 meters in one second has a speed of
a) 50 m/s
b) 1800 km/h
c) 180,000 m/h
d) 50,000 m/s

How many meters are in a kilometer?
a) 100
b) 1000
c) 100,000
d) 1,000,000

A car traveling at 25 m/s speeds up to 40 m/s over a period of 15 seconds. The average acceleration of the car is
a) 1 m/s2
b) 15 km/s2
c) 15 m/s2
d) cannot be calculated from the information given

A rider finishes a 120 kilometer bicycle trip in 3 hours. The average speed of the rider is what?
a) 360 km/hr
b) 3.6 m/s
c) 11.1 m/s
d) 40 km/hr

It can be important to know the velocity of an object, not just its speed, because
a) velocity also tells acceleration
b) speed is always an average
c) velocity also tells direction
d) speed is only useful for fast-moving objects

A runner starts a 5 km race at 10:15 a.m. and finishes at 10:35 a.m. Given this information, you can calculate the runner's
a) velocity
b) average speed
c) acceleration
d) reference point

An airplane flies west 80 kilometers in 10 minutes. What is the airplane's velocity?
a) 1333.3 m/s W
b) 8 m/s W
c) 1333.3 m/s
d) 8000 m/s W

For an object to be accelerating it can be doing three things. Which of the following is NOT one of those three things?
a) increasing speed
b) decreasing speed
c) sitting at rest
d) changing direction

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