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As a BOSS teacher I will ALWAYS
a) Reward students with stickers when they are showing good behavior
b) Make students sit in time-out when they are doing something 'wrong'
c) Send home notes checking off the behaviors students did not follow
d) Complement students on CPBs ( Cooperative Polite Behaviors)

Most children are
a) Never compliant
b) Compliant only sometimes
c) Compliant and generally like to please teachers
d) Compliant only when parents are watching

Discipline means
a) Yelling to correct behavior
b) Modeling expected behavior and providing guidance for prosocial behaviors
c) Having the child turn their stick to a sad face
d) Taking something away the child enjoys

Insight is
a) Something everyone has from birth
b) A reactive gut response, usually highly emotional response
c) The ability to guide self by reflecting on past, present and future events
d) Something many other animals have too

Praise is
a) Positvie affirmation needed by all people
b) Something only young children need during development
c) Typically continues is large amounts even as a teen
d) Something like candy, we need to do something correctly

Consequences should occur
a) During a quiet time of day
b) Whenever you remember
c) Immediately following action
d) Before the child leaves school for the day

Punishment is
a) The weakest for of motivation for all creatures
b) The best and fastest way to correct problem behavior
c) Provides permanent results for getting desired behavior
d) Decreases rebellious, defiant behavior

Motivation increases
a) Punishment is used frequently in the classroom
b) Teacher bring personal folders into the classroom
c) Teachers are continuously focused on nuisance behavior
d) When a teacher has a smile on her face and bring professional folder into the room

Being assertive in the classroom means
a) Using eye contact
b) Being organized
c) Using brief statements about expected behavior and positive reinforcement when you get it
d) All of the above

Behavior management tools
a) Do not work
b) Work when everyone has equal opportunities and isno one is ever 'demoted' by the tool
c) Contracts promising rewards chosen by the teacher
d) Moving your child from the green stop light to the red stop light if he doesn't show target behavior

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