HANNAH 311 Question Preview (ID: 1451)

3rd Nine Weeks, First Test, First Ten Terms. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is a small nation made up of a city and the farm land that surrounds it?
a) city-state
b) state-city
c) township
d) empire

What is a highly developed culture?
a) empire
b) civilization
c) Makkah
d) covenant

What is a form of writing made up of hundreds of markings shaped liked wedges?
a) cuneiform
b) delta
c) papyrus
d) Sumer

Most ancient Egyptians lived near the river and this fan-shaped fertile area.
a) sigma
b) fertile crescent
c) delta
d) Lebanon

The earliest known civilizations were these two.
a) Egypt and Lebanon
b) Egypt and Mesopotamia
c) Mesopotamia and Lebanon
d) Mesopotamia and Sumer

The Phonicians were located in this country.
a) Egypt
b) Sumer
c) Mesopotamia
d) Lebanon

An Egyptian ruler was called this
a) pharaoh
b) theocrat
c) covenant
d) prophet

This is the area where the earliest city-states arose
a) Egypt
b) Mesopotamia
c) Sumer
d) Lebanon

This is a government controlled by religious leaders
a) democracy
b) theocracy
c) montheistic empire
d) hajj

This is a step-like tower with long stairways on the sides leading to a temple at the top.
a) hajj
b) Torah
c) papyrus
d) ziggurat

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