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Dyspnea refers to:
a) Painful breathing
b) Below the tongue
c) Vomiting blood
d) Without nutrition

Hematemesis refers to:
a) Without nutrition
b) Painful breathing
c) Slow breathing
d) Vomiting blood

Sublingual refers to:
a) Below the tongue
b) Slow breathing
c) Vomiting blood
d) Painful breathing

Defibrillation is defined as…
a) An electric shock to the heart to get back into a normal rhythm
b) The process of checking the patient’s heart rhythm
c) Checking the patient’s responsiveness
d) Performing CPR at the correct rate

If an adult or infant goes unresponsive after choking, you should…
a) Start CPR
b) Give 5 back slaps
c) Quickly give 2 breaths
d) Perform a blind finger sweep

Why is it important to give early defibrillation to an adult?
a) The success rates of defibrillation increases with earlier application
b) The AED machine will take over the patient’s care
c) Abnormal heart rhythm is the main cause of heart attacks
d) There is only a slight chance that an abnormal heart rhythm is the reason

What is dialysis?
a) Using a machine to externally filter the blood and remove toxins when the
b) A treatment for cancer patients
c) A test given to determine how functional the kidneys are on a daily basis
d) A medication given to treat kidney disease

What is an example of a chronic disease?
a) Fractured leg
b) Heart Attack
c) Sore Throat
d) Diabetes

Nebulizer is
a) a device used to deliver a fine mist or spray to the lungs
b) an electrical device implanted to regulate heart rhythm
c) used for the treatment of excessive bleeding
d) a device applied to replace a missing body part

Aspiration is
a) the act of inhaling foreign matter into the lungs
b) the condition of cute failure of the peripheral circulation
c) abnormal external or internal bleeding
d) a sensation that precedes the onset of a seizure

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