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Community ___________________ workers provide food and nutrition education through public health clinics and programs.
a) Nutrition
b) Geriatric
c) Specialist
d) Sociologists

The ____________________ is an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services.
a) Nutrition
b) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
c) Sociologists
d) National Healthcare

Health ____________________ identify and explain the social factors affecting the care of patients.
a) Sociologists
b) Specialist
c) Workers
d) Epidemiologists

___________________ social workers specialize in providing assistance to the elderly.
a) Nutrition
b) Geriatric
c) Life Specialist
d) Sociologists

The ___________________ works in health care settings and focuses on emotional and developmental needs of children.
a) Child Life Specialist
b) Nutrition
c) Geriatric
d) Epidemilogist

A Psychologist…
a) Has a Doctorate degree
b) Is a medical doctor
c) Treats mental, emotional and behavior disorders
d) Completes a 4-year residency

___________________ work to restore function, relieve pain, and prevent disability after disease, injury, or loss of a body part.
a) Physical Therapists
b) Pharmacists
c) Occupational
d) Prosthetists

Certified ____________________ provide care to patients with partial or total absence of a limb and who use an artificial limb.
a) Prosthetists
b) Occupational
c) Physical Therapists
d) Respiratory

___________________ therapy helps patients reach the highest level of independent living by overcoming physical injury, birth defects, aging, or emotional and development problems.
a) Occupational
b) Prosthetists
c) Physical Therapists
d) Athletic

____________________ trainers work under the supervision of the team physician in a variety of amateur and professional sports and other settings.
a) Athletic
b) Occupational
c) Physical Therapists
d) Prosthetists

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