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A “shooting star” is seen when this object enters Earth’s atmosphere and is vaporized.
a) a comet
b) a planetary satellite
c) an astroid
d) a meteor

Parts of a comet include all of the following EXCEPT:
a) halo
b) coma
c) nucleus
d) tail

The largest asteroid is named:
a) Phobos
b) Pluto
c) Ceres
d) Eris

A small chunk of ice and dust that revolves around the sun in a highly elliptical orbit is called a
a) planet
b) comet
c) astroid
d) meteor

If a meteor passes through Earth’s atmosphere without burning up it is called a
a) meteor
b) meteorite
c) astroid
d) comet

A rocky object orbiting the Sun, too small to be called a planet or dwarf planet, would be called an ____________________.
a) astroid
b) comet
c) meteor
d) dwarf planet

What is the difference between a meteor and a meteorite?
a) Meteors reaching Earth's surface are called meteorites
b) Meteorites are smaller than meteors
c) Meteorites have gold in them
d) Meteors fall to Earth.

Explain why scientists must carefully set the right speed of a satellite orbiting Earth.
a) So it doesn't crash into the moon.
b) Its forward motion (inertia) and the pull of gravity must be balanced to keep it in orbit
c) So it doesn't head into outer space
d) So we get cell phone reception 247

Large objects (such as Mars and Jupiter) that orbit a star belong to a group of objects known as ____________________.
a) terestrial planets
b) gas giants
c) planets
d) solar system

It would be difficult to live on the moon because it is missing:
a) air
b) water
c) normal temperatures
d) all of the above

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