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What is the main function of the circulatory system?
a) secrete enzymes
b) digest proteins
c) produce hormones
d) transport materials

Which two systems interact to put oxygen into the blood and take carbon dioxide out?
a) skeletal and muscular
b) nervous and endocrine
c) reproductive and digestive
d) respiratory and circulatory

The movement of an elbow bending is coordinated by which system?
a) circulatory
b) excretory
c) nervous
d) reproductive

The endocrine system produces chemicals that affect organ functions. These chemicals are called
a) nutrients
b) hormones
c) microbes
d) waste

Nutrients from digested food enter the blood stream through the process of
a) absorption
b) elimination
c) respiration
d) secretion

The kidneys, which remove dissolved wastes from the blood, are organs of which system?
a) endocrine
b) excretory
c) skeletal
d) nervous

Which two systems of a rabbit’s body must be working together for the rabbit to run away from a fox?
a) digestive and endocrine
b) reproductive and nevous
c) muscular and skeletal
d) excretory and respiratory

Running is an activity that causes the cells in the muscular system to use oxygen at a faster rate. Which system responds by delivering more oxygen to these cells?
a) digestive
b) nervous
c) circulatory
d) endocrine

Which human body systems are directly involved in reflex actions, such as knee jerk, blinking, and jumping when startled?
a) circulatory and respiratory
b) digestive and excretory
c) nervous and muscular
d) reproductive and skeletal

What does the blood contain when it comes from the lung?
a) oxygen
b) carbon dioxide
c) water
d) hemoglobin

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