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In humans, the amount of sugar in blood is controlled by the release of a hormone called insulin. This process is an example of
a) depletion
b) digestion
c) regulation
d) excretion

Which human body system contains the organs: nose, lung, and diaphragm
a) skeletal
b) digestive
c) circulatory
d) respiratory

Which human organ system produces hormones to regulate growth, development, and reproduction?
a) circulatory
b) digestive
c) nercous
d) endocrine

Which human organ system eliminates liquid and gaseous wastes from the body?
a) circulatory
b) endocrine
c) excretory
d) reproductive

The main function of hormones in the human body is to
a) identify and destroy microbes
b) regulate body functions
c) transport blood to cells
d) store energy

The interaction of the skeletal and muscular systems to produce locomotion is coordinated by which human body system?
a) nervous
b) circulatory
c) excretory
d) respiratory

The main function of the human digestive system is to
a) breakdown foods for absorption into the blood
b) exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs
c) release energy from sugars with the cells
d) carry nutrients to all parts of the body

Which three systems of the human body function together to move and control body parts?
a) nervous, skeletal, and muscular
b) muscular, endocrine, and excretory
c) digestive, excretory, and reproductive
d) circulatory, endocrine, and respiratory

The organs of pituatory gland, thyroid gland, pancreas, adrenal gland, testes are part of which human body system?
a) respiratory
b) endocrine
c) digestive
d) circulatory

What are two of the functions performed by the skeletal system?
a) protects and supports the body
b) produces and trnasports oxygen within the body
c) produces and excretes wastes
d) controls and coordinates body activities

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