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The elated children jumped up and down on dad's lap.
a) sad
b) dissappointed
c) excited
d) hungry

When you are really good at it you are a capable reader.
a) beginning
b) clumsy
c) sucessful
d) awful

She was a novice, She is new to this.
a) beginner
b) expert
c) average
d) center

Don't belittle me you should praise my efforts.
a) encourage
b) compliment
c) demean
d) acknowledge

Because hyperactive children are easily. distracted, teachers should provide a calm atmosphere.
a) proud
b) overactive
c) arrogant
d) disobedient

Loquacious children should be taught to speak only when spoken to.
a) quiet
b) talkative
c) shy
d) friendly

The ghastly face of the dead man floated up from the bottom of the pool and scared us all
a) tamed
b) fat
c) horrible
d) funny

The generous man handed out 20 dollar bills to the homeless at Christmas time.
a) ignorant
b) overcast
c) kind
d) famous

The boy always minded his mother and father's rules, and they loved their obedient child
a) always do what he is told
b) defiant
c) rude
d) loving

The smells coming from the kitchen enticed the neighbors to come over and see what was baking in our oven
a) argued
b) tempted
c) reared
d) alarmed

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