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A student was trying to discover some things her hamster had learned. Which of these is a learned trait?
a) being more active during the night than during the day
b) going to the food dish when the cage door is opened
c) burrowing down in the wood shavings in its cage
d) eating seeds, fruit, and vegetables for food

Which of these is an example of heredity?
a) a tree leaning away from a constant wind
b) a dog able to fetch a ball on command
c) a sheep with a black face and white body
d) a student memorizing the names of states

How can knowing the difference between learned and inherited traits help people?
a) Training an animal affects what that animal will eat.
b) It’s easier to take a dog to the veterinarian than a cat.
c) Breeding purebred Labrador puppies can make money.
d) Hair color is an inherited trait but can be changed.

In what way will a puppy always be like its parents?
a) bark the same when it wants into the house
b) learn the same tricks
c) have the same body structure
d) live in the same places

An egg layed by a butterfly turns into a caterpillar. How can an offspring look so different from its parent?
a) All offspring look different from their parents
b) The caterpillar will become a butterfly
c) When the caterpillar lays eggs, they will hatch into butterflies
d) Butterflies are different from one another and from their parents

When collecting data on inherited traits, which of the following would be included in the survey?
a) braided hair
b) pierced ears
c) learning to read
d) widow's peak

Dogs from iceland have thick fur. What advantage does that give the dogs?
a) They look bigger and impress their enemies
b) They stay warmer in the colder climate
c) They hunt better and can catch more food
d) More people will want them and they become popular

Students were asked to predict the eventual outcome of planting several kernels of multi-colored Indian corn. Which of the following statements offers the best prediction?
a) Every plant will be totally different because one ear of Indian corn has lots of color.
b) Every plant will resemble the parent plant but there will also be some variations too.
c) Every plant will be exactly the same because it came from the same parent plant.
d) Every plant will start out differently but will eventually grow to be an identical copy.

A student was trying to discover some traits her hamster had learned. Which of these is a learned trait?
a) Being more active during the night than the day.
b) Going to the food dish when the cage door is opened.
c) Washing its body by licking its paws, then rubbing.
d) Eating seeds, fruit, and vegetables for food.

Which environment is a buffalo best adapted to?
a) ice sheets
b) mountains
c) desert
d) grasslands

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