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What name does Excel give the first blank worksheet?
a) Sheet1
b) Worksheet1
c) Book1
d) Workbook1

To start a new line in a cell, press ____ after each line, except for the last line, which is completed by clicking the Enter box, pressing the Enter key, or pressing an arrow key.
a) Alt + enter
b) Ctrl + enter
c) Shift + enter
d) Tab + enter

You can check formulas for errors by clicking the ___ button on the Formulas tab on the Ribbon.
a) error checking
b) formula
c) error validating
d) formula checker

If you want to increase or decrease a column width significantly, you can right-click a column heading and then use the ___ command on the shortcut menu to change the width.
a) column width
b) adjust width
c) width adjustment
d) increase column

If a single cell is selected so that the formula bar is not active and then the spell checker is started, Excel checks ____.
a) the remainder of the worksheet, including notes and embedded charts
b) only the text in the selected cell
c) the spelling of all sheets in the workbook
d) the remainder of the worksheet, not including notes and embedded charts

The ___ of the worksheet shows the actual formulas you have entered, rather than the resulting values.
a) formulas version
b) current version
c) formulas print symbol
d) actual symbol

Longer worksheet names also can mean that ___ sheet tabs will show.
a) fewer
b) more
c) no more
d) all

When Excel follows the order of operations, the formula, 8*3+2, equals ___.
a) 26
b) 48
c) 40
d) 13

Every time you enter a value into a cell in the worksheet, Excel automatically ___ formulas.
a) recalculates all
b) recalculates new
c) recalculates old
d) recalculates some

To check the spelling of the text in a single cell, ____ to make the formula bar active and then click the spelling button on the Review tab on the Ribbon.
a) double-click the cell
b) double-click the formula bar
c) right-click the cell
d) right-click the formula bar

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