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Tendons are elastic like fibers which bind:
a) muscle to bone or muscle to muscle.
b) bone to bone or bone to muscle.
c) muscle to muscle and bone to bone

Ligaments are elastic like fibers which bind:
a) muscle to bone or muscle to muscle
b) bone to bone
c) muscle to muscle and bone to bone.

The hard dense layer of bone is called ______________ _____________.
a) spongy bone
b) concrete bone
c) compact bone
d) bone marrow

The three main types of joints are:
a) ball and socket, hinge, gliding, and pivot
b) ball and socket, hinge, rotating, and gliding
c) hinge, partially movable, and immovable
d) freely movable, partially movable, and immovable

Which of the following is not a freely movable joint?
a) elbow
b) ribs to sternum
c) hip
d) wrist

The _________________ is the largest bone in the human body.
a) humerus
b) carpal
c) sternum
d) femur

_____________________ reduces friction between joints.
a) Cartilage
b) Ligaments
c) Tendons
d) Scar tissue

Ligaments are like bone except they do not contain __________________.
a) oil
b) minerals
c) cartilage
d) moisture

The smallest bones in the human body are located __________________________.
a) in the ear.
b) in the foot.
c) in the eye.
d) in the hand.

All joints allow movement.
a) True
b) False

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