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According to Emerson, If you believe the same thing all time time you are not learning, thinking and growning. Which of the following best supports that belief?
a) A fooling consistence is the hobgoblin of little minds.
b) Why, then, do we prate of self - reliance?
c) Forget about what you have seen before.
d) Take exactly where you are and find the magnificence of it and express it.

The philosophy______is reflected in the quotation: \
a) transcendentalism
b) marxism
c) existentialism
d) realism

When you read a challenging test, a strategy you can use is
a) read, reread, paraphrase, and take notes.
b) read, answer, ask, summerize.
c) read, question, organize
d) read, guess, think.

Before Emerson became a writer he was a (an)
a) Unitarian preacher.
b) soldier.
c) philosopher.
d) painter.

Which of the following best describes what Americans valued after the American Revolution?
a) freedom, independence, democracy
b) self-reliance, transcendentalism, nature
c) war, power, triumph
d) dictatorship, laws, rigidity

To Emerson and Danny in \
a) conformity
b) traditionalism
c) individuality
d) alienation

a) Trust yourself and you will find strength.
b) Trust yourself and you will establish faith.
c) Trust yourself and you will find wisdom.
d) Trust yourself and you will find truth.

In Emerson\'s essay he respected Moses, Plato, and Milton because
a) they spoke what they believed.
b) they conformed to society.
c) they wrote many books.
d) they created their own religion.

Emerson\'s \
a) Intuition
b) the brain
c) faith
d) God

The best films transcend national or cultural barriers. What does transcend mean in that sentence?
a) to go beyond
b) to conform to
c) to fall under
d) to agree with

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