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When the Earth's shadow falls on the Moon and it cant be seen it is called a __________.
a) lunar eclipse
b) solar eclipse
c) new moon
d) full moon

The imaginary line around which the Earth spins is called the ___________.
a) axis
b) rotation
c) revolution
d) ellipse

When the Sun is directly over the equator it is known as an _________________.
a) equinox
b) solstice
c) new moon
d) solar eclipse

When the moon temporarily blocks the sunlight from reaching the Earth it is called a _______.
a) solar eclipse
b) lunar eclipse
c) equinox
d) solstice

When all of the Moon's surface that faces Earth is lit up it is called a __________.
a) full moon
b) waning
c) waxing
d) new moon

The changing appearances of the Moon as seen from Earth is known as __________.
a) moon phases
b) full moon
c) waning
d) waxing

A round, 3 dimensional object is called a __________________.
a) sphere
b) equinox
c) crescent
d) ellipse

An elongated closed curve is called an _________________.
a) ellipse
b) waxing
c) waning
d) sphere

When the amount of the Moon's lighted surface can be seen on Earth increases it is called _________.
a) waxing
b) new moon
c) full moon
d) waning

The spinning of the Earth on it's axis is called ___________.
a) rotation
b) revolution
c) ellipse
d) sphere

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