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At what temperature does iron melt?
a) 1000 degrees
b) 2000 degrees
c) 3000 degrees
d) 4000 degrees

Name 3 resources that the Middle West is rich in
a) iron, forests, fertile soil
b) skyscrapers, mines, people
c) soil, oil, gas
d) iron, steel, oil

Which state grows the most corn in the United States?
a) Illinois
b) Indiana
c) Iowa
d) Kansas

In a ____________________system, the government, rather than the citizens, makes most economic decisions
a) federalist
b) democratic
c) communist
d) patriotist

This is forced through the liquid iron to raise the temperature even further so iron will turn into liquid steel.
a) water
b) heat
c) oil
d) oxygen

Which one below is NOT one of the Great Lakes?
a) Ohio
b) Erie
c) Huron
d) Superior

Farm animals such as cattle, pigs and chickens are
a) smelly
b) found in cities
c) livestock
d) cute

How many states make up the Middle West?
a) 12
b) 13
c) 14
d) 15

This is a low-lying, swampy wetland that drains poorly after rains or floods
a) our backyard
b) flood plain
c) beach
d) marsh

A ________________ is a funnel of wind
a) tornado
b) tunnel
c) kite
d) earthquake

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